Vampire Squid Cards

Crabs Adjust Humidity : Volume Six

Here in the VSC labs, we've been hard at work for the last year, attempting to isolate a new set of cards with--theoretically--unlimited laughter potential. I'll admit, things were touch and go there for a while, between the betrayal of Dr. Weisen and her acolytes, and the mysterious "accident" that took the life of Mr. Slowpokes, our office sloth. ...But every tragedy begets a triumph, and so we are proud to introduce Crabs Adjust Humidity: Volume Six. Fresh from the smoking wreckage of Testing Bay Three, we bring you another deck of 112 cards so vile and morally-bankrupt, someone may try to elect it president. Includes: 80 white cards, 32 black cards Professionally printed on linen-finish, casino-quality cards. 100% compatible with Cards Against Humanity™. Custom serialized hologram on every box, so you know you're not getting a counterfeit. Has no real moral compass. Do not refrigerate after opening.
This is just an expansion, not a stand-alone game. Don't try to play this by itself.


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