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Dream Home

Dream Home, a board game Have you ever dreamed of having your own place, but you found all the fuss connected with buying or building the house discouraging? Worry no more! From now on you can build your own dream house in less than an hour, and it will not cost you a fortune. “Dream Home” is a family board game for two or more players. It is perfect for everyone: not only little kids and their parents, but also a group of friends wanting to have some fun. Build a house of your dreams with a living room, kitchen or bathroom, which could be, respectively, decorated with a piano, bookshelves or even a hot tub. The aim of the game is to create the most functional and the most beautiful house so that not only do you win the game, but also you are left with a nice plan of your house on a board. With the assistance of helper cards and tool cards you have much more opportunities to furnish you house better and, eventually, gain more points and win.  Apart from the regular set of rooms, you also have a roof to complete and a garage to build.  The game is played over twelve rounds. There are four home boards, where a player has to put his room cards and resource cards to build a house of his dream. A game board should be placed in the center of the table and after that room cards and resource cards are put in specified places on the board.  Now, the game ma start. Players have to pick up one room card and one resource card in order to fill the blank spaces on their home board. Every room, depending on its type and size, together with décor tokens, gives players a respective number of points. The game ends when everyone has their home board filled with rooms. Score your points and see who gathered the most! Why will you love this game? The rules are incredibly simple and easy to explain. The game mechanics is so intuitive that you can play with a complete rookie. Even kindergarteners, with their parents’ help, can start their furnishing adventure!As a game with almost no negative interaction, “Dream Home” is perfect for players who seek board games to play in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Everyone is focused on their own house and has all the rooms ready by the end of the game, so no one is destroying the other person’s hard work.Thanks to possibility to expand rooms, existence of décor elements, and cards allowing to change the placement of the cards on your home board, you can show off your planning skills. The final success depends fully on the player’s ability to make good choices and effectively put room cards on his board.The game contains 108 various beautifully drawn, detailed cards with unique and fantastic rooms which will definitely catch your eye and make you want to play more and more! Contents: Board , 4 House Boards , 60 Room cards , 28 Roof cards , 20 Special cards , 10 Furnishing tokens , Wooden House Figure , Score Booklet & Rules. Ages: 7+ | Players: 2 - 4 |  Playtime: 30 minutes


Dream Home : 156 Sunny Street

Spice up your next Dream Home game with more helpers, tools, décor, rooms, and two new ways to play! In addition to adding new room and resource cards, with this expansion set for Dream Home you can invite up to six people to play—or even try a solo player variant! The set also has two additional rules expansions: With “Family and Friends,” you get more points by matching your dream home construction to what’s listed on one of the new friend cards. With “Construction Plans,” you gain points by fulfilling the requirements from plans you draw at the start of the game. Whether you add some or all of these new options, 156 Sunny Street is sure to bring even more enjoyment to your Dream Home games. Key Points: Adds twenty-four new room cards and 24 new resource cards. Play with up to five or six players, or even challenge yourself with new solo rules! “Family and Friends” mode adds another layer of fun by inviting friends and relatives to your dream home. “Construction Plans” mode lets you score extra points by following specific construction requirements.


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