Arokah is a beautiful, elegant and challenging brainteaser puzzle for all the family. With its unique and fascinating set of shapes, Arokah is the ultimate multi-puzzle challenge that will test your skills time and time again! As an apprentice, journey through six levels of Arokah as you prepare to encounter the fiendishly difficult Master Challenges, and earn your place as a Master of Arokah. To complete an Arokah challenge, select a template and combine your choice of Arokah shapes to solve the puzzle. Each puzzle has many solutions. Can you become a Master of Arokah? At the heart of Arokah lies a naturally occurring phenomenon. Why the Arokah shapes combine to create such remarkable patterns remains a mystery Discover the Mystery! Ages: 6+ | Players: 1+



Dimension is a fast-paced, innovative puzzle game that takes place in three dimensions with 60 colorful spheres. All of the players play at the same time. Everybody tries to position the spheres on their trays to earn as many points as possible before the timer runs out. The task cards indicate how the spheres must be placed to earn points: for example, exactly two orange spheres must be on the tray, black and blue must touch each other, and blue must not touch white. Complete these tasks while racing against the timer. You get a point for each sphere you use and a bonus token for using all five colors, but you lose two points for each task card you don?t follow correctly. Prove to your opponents that you are the master of multi-dimensional thinking! Ages: 8+ | Players: 1 - 4 |  Playtime: 30 minutes



Katamino is a puzzle game with both 2D and 3D challenges of progressive difficulty, and also offers a strategic game challenge for two players. It is extremely popular in education, helping children understand basic geometry. Katamino has received multiple awards worldwide, and its easy to see why! Abstract strategy, arranging and building Familiar visual style High quality wood components, Attractive visual presentation Great educational value Ages: 6+ | Players: 1


Meffert's - Gear Ball Cube

Using a full gear mechanism it requires twelve 90 degree turns to complete on full rotation. Ages: 8+


Rubiks 2X2 Cube

Now released with new smoother and faster design and pre moulded tiles. It might look easy but don’t be fooled – it is still a challenge. The Rubik’s 2 by 2 Cube has 3,674,160 permutations and still only one solution!.
The 2 by 2 Rubik’s Cube consists of 8 corner cubies’ and operates in much the same way as its bigger brother – the original Rubik’s Cube. As it is smaller than the traditional Rubik’s cube it can be more easily slipped into a pocket or bag, making it the perfect travel item to take on a bus, train or aeroplane.
It also makes a great present for younger puzzle enthusiasts who might not be ready for a fully-fledged 3 by 3 Rubik’s Cube. Ages: 8+ | Players: 1


Rubiks 3X3 Cube

The classic cube that started it all AND BEST SELLING PUZZLE IN HISTORY! 43 quintillion combinations and it can be solved in under 10 seconds. New design, tougher tiles and no cheating. Rubiks Set - 2x2,3x3,4x4,5x5The Rubik’s Cube is the iconic and classic colour matching puzzle that has fascinated puzzle enthusiasts since its launch in the 1980’s.Turn and twist the sides of the cube so that each of the six faces only has one colour. With over 43 Quintillion moves possible and only one solution- be warned this toy is highly addictive! This is the new original 3×3 Rubik’s Cube with faster, smoother and tougher tiles. The traditional stickers have been replaced with plastic tiles, which mean no fading, peeling or cheating! If anyone ever tells you they can solve the Rubik’s Cube by peeling the stickers off – hand them one of these! The Rubik’s Cube is the classic colour-matching puzzle that’s a great mental challenge at home or on the move. Turn and twist the sides of the cube so that each of the six faces only has one colour. Over “43 Quintillion” (that’s 43 with 18 zeros to you and me) moves are possible with this original 3×3 Cube, but there is only one solution! With lots of practice you can solve it in under 10 seconds! The Rubik’s Cube is incredibly addictive, and has fascinated fans since it arrived in 1980. A must for puzzle lovers, the aim is to twist and turn the Rubik’s Cube to return it to its original state, with every side having one solid colour. Ages: 8+ | Players: 1+


Rubiks Junior Rabbit

Rubiks Junior Rabbit


Smart Games : Bunny Boo

Pull a rabbit out of the box! Is the rabbit looking through the round hole or through the star-shaped one? Is it standing on top of the yellow, the red or the blue block? Some challenges may look very similar, yet the solution can be completely different depending on how far the ears of the rabbit stick out. Bunny Peek-A-Boo is a fantastic and fun introduction to concepts such as above/below, inside/outside, visible /hidden, etc. 60 challenge cards ages 2 and up 4 big sturdy wooden blocks


Smart Games : Castle Logix

Let's Build Castles!
Construct castles, block by block and tower by tower, as you flex your logic muscles with this beautifully crafted 3-D wooden puzzle. The challenge is to assemble the wooden blocks and towers to build one of the castles in the included puzzle booklet. The 3 towers have sticks of different length and the blocks have holes, but not always in the same direction. Where do you need to place the longest tower? booklet with 48 challenges ages 3 - 8 fantastic toy and puzzle for preschoolers


Smart Games : IQ Fit

Keep your brain in shape with this amazing new thinking game. Fit all the 3D-puzzle pieces on the game board in such a way that it turns into a (flat) 2D-image. One of the protruding sides of each puzzle piece has 1 ball, the other side has 2 balls. So depending on how you orientate a puzzle piece, you get more or less balls. When solved, all puzzle pieces will fit on the game board without any holes uncovered. 120 challenges, 5 levels
for young and old, ages 6 - 99
portable and very compact
addictive little solo game Ages: 6+
Players: 1


Smart Games : IQ LINK

Can you find the missing link? Fit all puzzle pieces on the game board. But watch out! There are 36 puzzle parts but only 24 free places on the game board! Open rings and balls of different puzzle pieces can occupy the same place when you link them the right way. 120 challenges, 5 levels
for young and old, ages 8 - 99
compact IQ-game
12 beautiful, translucent puzzle pieces Ages: 8+
Players: 1


Smart Games : IQ Puzzler Pro

120 challenges in three playing modes Multiple levels of brain teasing fun! SmartGames new IQ-Puzzler Pro features 120 challenges in three playing modes, including both 2D and 3D challenges! The top of the game board features a grid for 2D challenges and a separate grid for 3D pyramid challenges, while the bottom of the board features a completely different 2D challenge grid. All in the same compact, portable travel case. Ages: 6+
Players: 1


Smart Games : IQ TWIST

Twist your brain with this logic game! Give you brain a spin in the right direction and put all the twisted playing pieces on the game board. It looks easy until you realize that there are pegs that are in your way. And you can only put a puzzle piece over a peg if both are the same color! 100 challenges
for all ages, 6 - 99
an ideal brain snack while on the go Ages: 6+
Players: 1


Smart Games : Three Little Piggies

Once upon a time… Can you help these three smart pigs build their houses? Can you set them up so that the pigs can play outside? If you spot the wolf can you help the pigs stay safe inside their houses? Smart Little Piggies is a perfect brain game for young children. It features 3 big puzzle pieces that are easy to hold, and kids will be intrigued by the way the pigs fit inside the houses and look through the windows. The game includes a story book with images and booklet with 48 challenges (24 with the wolf and 24 without).



To win Squadro, you need to be the first player to make a return trip with four of your five pieces. Each player starts with their five pieces in troughs on their side of the game board, with players sitting perpendicular to one another. When you move a piece, you move it a distance based on the strength indicated in the trough that you're leaving. Once the piece has made its way across the board, you move it back based on the strength on the other side. If you pass over an opposing piece while moving, then that opposing piece must return to its last departing base and your moving piece advances one cell further than where the opposing piece was. Although it is easy to reach a situation where moving any piece implies putting it at risk — therefore making you not want to move — it is important to note that having some of your pieces taken and making your opponent advance is often beneficial to you, since it reduces the amount of possible moves your opponent can perform and gives you extra moves. So do not be afraid or reluctant to place some of your pieces in front of your opponent's, because it can be good for you. Sit next to your rival and have fun! Ages: 8+ | Players: 2 |  Playtime: 20 minutes


Why? - Dr Wood Puzzle Challenge Vol 5

Why 1 Player | Age 8 - 108 | 30 minutes - 1 hour It couldn’t be simpler! 13 pieces … that could drive you to the very edge of sanity. Simply place the pieces on the grid provided to create the letters W, H and Y. The Dr Wood challenge centre brings you the Mind Challenge Classic series. This line of devious, intriguing, compelling and fun puzzles is dedicated to the great minds of the world. From mischievous two piece puzzles that you could solve in five minutes, to fiendishly complex ones that may take you a lifetime, the series will introduce you to some of the world's seminal puzzle creations. Why. - well, why not. There are 13 pieces in this puzzle that could drive you to the very edge of insanity. Simply place the pieces on the grid provided to create the letters W, H and Y. Challenge - can you solve all three in 60 minutes. Single player, 30-60 minutes playing time. Age guide: from 8-108 years.


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