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Deep Sea Adventure

A group of adventurers got together on a submarine to try and gather the treasures that sleep at the bottom of the sea. Everyone geared up in diver suits, but having a very old submarine means sharing the same oxygen tank. If one of them dives too deep, the other divers' lives will be on the line! Will the adventurers make it back to the submarine safely? Playing "Deep Sea Adventure", you have to dive deeper using the dices. You roll the dices and go further on the treasure-chips. You can decide if you want to take the treasure you stop on or not.The deeper you dive, the higher are the chances to get good treasures, but if you take too many, the oxygen in your shared tank will be used up quicker. If you don't make it back to the submarine before the oxygen is used up, you lose all the treasures you collected in the current round. You can also try to drown the other players through picking up many treasures and thus using up a lot of oxygen. You have the choice what to do, but don't forget to always subtract the amount of treasures you collected from the eyes of the two dices and also to lower the oxygen by the amount of your treasures.Inside the nicely designed, compact, blue box you will find 48 chips, a submarine, colorful meeples and two dices with numbers from 1 to 3.Ages: 8+ | Players: 2 - 6 |  Playtime: 30 minutes


Fake Artist Goes to New York

A drawing game for everyone! Everyone is drawing one picture together...and one doesn't even know what they draw. There is a fake artist hiding among the real artists - can you find out who it is? The fake artist has to be careful not to be identified and the real artists have to be careful not to make it too easy for the deceiver.
Drawing and concluding "A Fake Artist Goes To New York" is a game for 5 - 10 players. You have to draw and to conclude. Trying to conclude something while drawing is not as easy as you think...! Here's the game roughly explained: 1 Everyone tries to draw what the game master wrote on their cards, but are only allowed to draw one line each (If the topic is "cat", you could draw an ear or a whisker, so that the others know you know the topic).
2 There is one fake artist among the players who doesn't know the topic and draws a line randomly. 3 All players can draw two lines all in all and then have to decide who the fake artist is. 4 If the fake artist gets the most votes, he loses. 5 If he doesn't get the most votes, he and the game master win the game. Now you might think it is extremely easy to find out who the fake artist is, but there is one more rule. 6 Even if the fake artist got the most votes, he can still guess the topic of the picture everyone drew and win if he guesses right. Knowing this rule it becomes much more difficult for the real artists to draw their lines, because they want to show the other artists that they know the topic of the picture, but don't want to be too obvious in front of the fake artist. ...so the picture becomes a crazy mess! Ages: 8+ | Players: 5 - 10 |  Playtime: 20 minutes


Flotsam Fight

A group of explorers sailed around the world amassing a mountain of treasure. But on the voyage home they were hit by a massive storm! The ship and all its treasure are going down!
The explorers began to feverishly load their treasure into the lifeboat. You may want to save your treasure, but the other explorers will be trying to save theirs too. Which treasure should you load into which boat? You must plan your moves carefully.
While skillfully determining which cards are easier to load than others, can you defeat your fellow explorers and save your treasure?
Ages: 8+ | Players: 2 - 6 |  Playtime: 30 minutes



Are we controlled by what we hear and what we see, even while thinking we decide freely? "Insider“ is a game that deals with these questions. While communicating to others you have to find the right answers to a quiz and also find the "Insider" that is manipulating the discussion. The Insider will do everything to hide their identity while misleading the others.The game begins with a quiz. Ask the game master who knows the current theme questions! He can only answer "Yes", "No" or "I don't know". "Is it an animal?" - "No"
"Was it existent 100 years ago?" - "Yes"
"Can I buy it at the supermarket?" - "No" The players have to find the answer by asking many questions. They only have 5 minutes to find it though. If they don't find the right answer in that time, everyone will lose! The quiz is not easy, but the players find the answer most of the time anyway, which is because there is one insider among them who knows the right answer. He tries to stay incognito and controlls the others asking questions that will help them to get closer to the right answer. If someone notices who he is, he will lose, so it is very important to stay unrecognized. After finding the right answer everyone, including the game master, tries to find the insider among them. "Insider“ combines two fun components: finding the answer to a quiz and revealing the Insider. The game revolves around discussion, which can be played even with little time and will entertain all players to the max.Ages: 9+ | Players: 4 - 8 |  Playtime: 15 minutes



In a not so distant future, scientists find very special stones on another planet. If you collect three matching stones, you can turn them into an extremely valuable gem or into fuel. After hearing about the stones, you decide to travel to this new planet to become rich. You arrive safely, but after having some troubles on the way, your spacecraft is now out of fuel. What a dilemma! You want to make valuable gems, but you also need fuel to get back to Earth. You're also not the only person with this idea. Can you collect more gems than the others and still escape from the planet?In this game you have to turn the face-down tiles lying on the table one by one. When it's your turn, you also have to collect one of the tiles, no matter if face-up or face-down. That's all you need to do in this game.

The game ends when all tiles are turned face-up and until then you have to try to collect as many trios of consecutive numbers as possible. You also need to collect a trio of the same number, a socalled "fuel-set", or you won't be able to go back to Earth again...As the number of tiles you can collect hidden is restricted and since there are many more No.7-tiles than tiles with other numbers, the game becomes very exciting!

Never forget to watch your opponents, never stop thinking about the possible combinations of numbers and try not to lose your head in this game! It is very entertaining and short and the special design of the game components makes it even more fun to play!Ages: 9+ | Players: 2 - 5 |  Playtime: 20 minutes



The microscopic world is always busy and bustling. Not only do researchers need to quickly report any findings they discover, but they must do so faster than their rival colleagues! It's OK to be wrong. Just don't get caught! Zogen is a party game full of speed that everyone can enjoy. All you need to do is quickly search your hand for the correct card, shout the name out loud, and play the card faster than anyone else. This may seem easy, but being the quickest researcher is easier said than done. Zogen’s simple rules make this a game that anyone, from small children to adults, can enjoy.The game starts with all players holding 16 cards. These cards have 0-4 microbes drawn on them (Sun, Moon, Mountain, Cloud). Once the game starts, the players may look at any and all of the cards in their hands.

The game begins when the starting player places a card face up in the middle. The fastest player to find a card in their hand that either has one more microbe or one less microbe than the card in the middle and shouts out the name of the microbe that appears or disappears may play their card next. When a player places a new card in the middle, the other players must now search for a card that matches the above criteria for the newest top card. If a player places the wrong card in the middle or says the wrong microbe name, shout "ZOGEN!" to call them out. The player that made a mistake will receive a penalty. However! Making a mistake is no problem as long as the other players don't shout Zogen. If a player can't find the correct card to play, they may choose to play the wrong card intentionally. Play continues this way until a player only has 3 cards remaining in their hand. This player is the winner. Ranking is decided by how many cards remain in hand. The rules are very simple, but your head may start to spin as new cards are quickly played on top of others. Players may also decide to give the microbes new names. Please think of some funny names and give it a try!Ages: 6+ | Players: 2 - 6 |  Playtime: 20 minutes


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