Conan is a board game of pulse-pounding Hyborian adventure for two to five players. Set in the world of Robert E. Howard's iconic barbarian, the game pits one to four heroes against a nefarious Overlord and his minions. You immerse yourselves in a far-ranging array of scenarios, all boasting healthy doses of swords and sorcery. Then you resolve your battles with an innovative combat system that almost lets you feel the strain in your muscles and the weight of your sword in your hand. With its muscular combat mechanics, its evocative scenarios, the lavish maps upon which they're played, and the detailed miniatures with which you play them, Conan transforms your adventures into the stuff of legend! Contents: 74 plastic miniatures , 39 asset cards , 16 spell cards , 45 tiles , 148 tokens , 4 hero sheets , 4 game aids sheets , 1 track sheet , 1 heroes rulebook , 1 Overlord rulebook , 2 game boards , 9 dice , 75 plastic gems , 25 plastic bases , 1 plastic dashboard. Ages: 14+ | Players: 2 - 5 |  Playtime: 90 minutes


Conan : Nordheim Expansion

"Across the red drifts and mail-clad forms, two figures glared at each other. In that utter desolation only they moved. The frosty sky was over them, the white illimitable plain around them, the dead men at their feet. Slowly through the corpses they came, as ghosts might come to a tryst through the shambles of a dead world. In the brooding silence they stood face to face." –Robert E. Howard, The Frost-Giant's Daughter Explore more of Conan’s epic adventures with the Nordheim scenario expansion! Nordheim transports your Conan board game adventures to the mythical north, where your heroes will confront the red-haired Vanir of Vanaheim and the yellow-haired Aesir of Asgard. Through four scenarios deeply inspired by Robert E. Howard's short story, The Frost-Giant's Daughter, you and your friends will battle atop snowy, blood-drenched fields; cross swords with giants; and cross snow-covered forests in pursuit of the legendary Frost-Giant's daughter. Twenty-four detailed miniatures, one double-sided game board, a scenario book, twenty-two tiles, eight tokens, and seven cards ensure you'll enjoy hours upon hours of dramatic narratives, heated battles, and heroic endeavors. Contents: 24 plastic miniatures , 1 double-sided game board , 1 scenario book , 1 hero sheet , 22 tiles , 8 tokens , 6 asset cards , 1 spell card.


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