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Escape Room the Game

Welcome to Escape Room The Game by Identity Games. Feel the thrill and enjoy the mystery of an escape game in your own home! As in the case in many Escape Rooms across the world, you are “locked in” in this game and the object is to find the codes to “escape” within 60 minutes by solving puzzles in riddles. Use your brain! Teamwork, good communication, ingenuity, creativity, logic and attention for detail are also very important. The box contains 4 different Escape Room adventures and each adventure has 3 parts. In each part, you must find a code consisting of 4 keys that you enter into the Chrono Decoder by using 4 of the 16 keys. Find 3 correct codes within 60 minutes to win the game. You win or lose together… You start by opening an envelope and reading the introduction of the mystery. Solving the mystery is self-explanatory. In addition, the envelope are different attributes necessary for finding the final parts of its code. And for every player there is a personal puzzle that could be launched immediately. Each turn you explore one of the elements in the room on the board. Here you will find probably one or more hidden clues to carry along a portion of the commission. Are you up for the Challenge? Chrono decoder During the game, you will occasionally come across the text or logo ‘ER’. This is important information as it means that you must convert something using 1 of the decoder systems on the two sides. The clock on the Chrono Decoder counts down, provides the necessary atmosphere and gives occasionally cryptic clues. Ages: 16+ | Players: 3 - 5 |  Playtime: 60 minutes


Escape Room the Game : 2 Players

Keep your cool in a race against the clock! Feel the tension of an Escape Room in your own living room! In this challenging 2-player version of the world famous Escape Room The Game, you and a teammate are going to solve puzzles and find hidden instructions. The game is going to be tense, as you only have 60 minutes to escape. In this game, you are either going to win together or lose together. Teamwork is the only key to success! If you have never played an Escape Room before, then prepare for a completely new experience. An hour will fly by before you know it… Contents: Hint Decoder Hintbook per adventure Introduction game: Kidnapped Adventure 1: Prison Island Adventure 2: AsylumAges: 16+ | Players: 2 |  Playtime: 60 minutes


Who's the Dude

He's relaxed, clumsy and doing the weirdest things. He's the Dude! The life size Dude is your best friend in this hilarious party game! Perform as many charades as you can until the 45 seconds are up. Act out movie scenes, professions, love ballads and other ridiculous activities. The other players have to guess what you're doing with the Dude! Contents: Inflatable life size Dude 440 charades Scoresheets Ways to play Ages: 16+
Players: 3 - 8


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