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As @ 02.03.2017

Grail Games is a board and card game publishing studio located in Sydney, Australia.

Due to our size and distance from the gaming capitals of Western Europe and the USA, most of our games will be smaller – cheaper to produce and ship worldwide. This, of course, does not mean we skimp on quality.

Our focus is on board and card games that address the following criteria:

Family friendly – Games promote friendships and family fun. Grail Games are designed to be enjoyed by adults and older children at the same time. No mature themes or overly-complex narratives will be employed by our designers.

Fast to teach – We believe that extremely complex games can be fun but are barriers of entry to non-gamers and family-gamers. We will only produce games with clean, straight-forward rules sets.

Offer depth and replayability – Games can be simple and fast, but they will only blossom if they offer gamers a variety of strategies or diferent levels of depth to explore. We hope all our games will have a very high Depth to Box Size Ratio.

Jeju Island

In Jeju Island, the players travel around Jeju, the most beautiful island in Korea, gathering sightseeing tiles along the way. After gathering the tiles, players can use them to collect point cards with special effects. The player with the most points wins! Contains: 80 Sightseeing tiles , 32 cards , 14 wooden player tokens , 1 Harubang statue token , 1 game board , 1 rule book. Players: 2-4
Ages: 7+
Length: 30mins


Medici the Card Game

Medici: The Card Game is a new design by Reiner Knizia that shares the setting and feel of the classic Medici board game, without using that game's auction mechanisms. Fast to learn and simple to play, Medici: The Card Game is a push-your-luck, set-collection card game. Players will fill their ships with the goods presented at the wharf. They will earn money for having the most valued loads, as well as for majorities of the different goods. This is the first game to be added to the Medici family of games since Strozzi, released in 2008. Players: 2 - 6
Playtime: 30 - 45 mins
Ages: 10+


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