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Atari : Centipede

In Atari’s Centipede, 2 or 4 players venture into the world of the classic Atari arcade game. On one side, a Player controls the Gnome, exploring the forest and trying to defeat the Centipede. On the other side, the Centipede player, eager to destroy the Gnome, must wiggle their way to the other end of the board. The Gnome Player rolls and spends their dice to perform actions, while the Centipede Player uses a deck of cards to spawn Fleas, Spiders and Mushrooms, trying to control the game board. The first Player to eliminate their opponent wins the game! Ages: 12+ | Players: 2 - 4 |  Playtime: 30 - 45 minutes


Atari : Missile Command

As global tensions mount, leaders of powerful nations sit ready to defend their people, or destroy their enemies. Alliances are formed, yet fragile. Deals are made, but not always upheld. Diplomacy is just as important as strategic planning and procuring armaments. The missiles are at your command and the choice is yours: fire on your enemies or betray your allies, in Atari’s Missile Command! Atari’s Missile Command is a social game of diplomacy and destruction for 3 to 6 players. Build your stockpile of missiles, make deals with your opponents, and vie for top spot in the world’s stage in this fast and strategic take on Atari’s classic video game. Game design by Jon Gilmour and Violet Hargrave. Artwork by Denis Martynets and Jamie Keddie.
Contents: 40 City Tiles , 6 Planning Boards , 6 City Boards , 6 Player Screens , 48 1GDP Tokens , 30 5GDP Tokens , 24 10GDP Tokens , 10 20GDP Tokens , 26 Shield Tokens , 40 Score Tokens , 20 Interceptor Tokens , 120 Missile Cubes (20 x 6 Colors) , 1 Rulebook. Ages: 14+ | Players: 3 - 6 |  Playtime: 30 - 45 minutes


Bed Wed Dead

In Bed, Wed, Dead: A Game of Dirty Decisions, a roll of the dice gives you three names, then the rest is up to you! Will you choose to wed Maid Marian and murder Morgana? How about one night with Jimmy Fallon vs. a lifetime with Jimmy Kimmel? There are no easy choices — only easy laughs as your friends watch you struggle while wagering on what you'll decide. Featuring three hundred cards in different categories with more than three thousand names PLUS blank cards for you to make the game your own, Bed, Wed, Dead will have your rolling with raucous laughter. Players: 2+
Playtime: 20mins
Ages: 17+



Greetings and welcome to the world of Diamonsters! From the designer and artist of the best-selling Machi Koro card game, Diamonsters is a fast-paced monster collecting card game! In Diamonsters, each player begins with the same hand, and the first player to collect three monsters of the same type or five diamonds wins. But it’s not so simple, some monsters are more valuable than others, and some will eat the diamonds you fought so hard for! If you and your friends love Machi Koro, you’ll go into a frenzy for Diamonsters! In the card game Diamonsters, each player starts the game with an identical hand of cards, each of which has a cartoonish picture of a monster and a value from one to five. Each round one card is dealt from the deck face up. Some monsters are more valuable than others, and some eat the diamonds found on other cards. Players attempt to win the round by playing the highest card in front of them, but cards of equal value cancel out. The winner of each round adds his winning card – plus the face-up card – to his collection of cards won. The first player to collect three cards of the same value or five diamonds wins the game.


Edgar Allan Poe's Masque of the Red Death

Edgar Allan Poe's Masque of the Red Death
As nobles at a magnificent masquerade ball, you and your friends all vie to improve your social standing. Gossip flies, rumors swirl, and with each chime of the ebony clock, hearts fill with dread and despair. As midnight approaches, you begin to realize that something is amiss. Based on the classic sinister story, Edgar Allen Poe’s Masque of the Red Death pits you and up to 6 of your friends against each other as you hobnob with the Prince. But disaster strikes at midnight. You must balance your actions carefully between currying the Prince’s favor and discovering which rooms the Red Death will visit. After all, having the highest social standing only matters if you survive… With stunning art by Gris Grimly, Edgar Allen Poe’s Masque of the Red Death is sure to delight and disturb you! Game Design by Adam Wyse / Artwork by Gris Grimly.
Key Features: Painted Artwork from Gris Grimly Celebrating Edgar Allen Poe’s Classic Tale of Terror A Worker Placement Game of Deduction by Adam Wyse Players: 4 - 7
Playtime: 60 - 90 mins
Ages: 14+


Escape from 100 Million BC

In Escape from 100 Million B.C., players are stranded time travelers, hurrying to reassemble their ship because a nearby volcano is about to blow. There are dinosaurs to dodge, time rifts to close, and castaways from other eras who got pulled back due to paradoxes. Each time traveler has unique abilities and stats which will aid in repairing the time ship. You must be careful not to disrupt the timeline too much or the volcano will erupt, wiping out proof of the expedition altogether. Ages: 14+ | Players: 1 - 6 |  Playtime: 60 - 90 minutes



Brave knights take up their lances, tighten their saddles, and mount their birds. Who can defeat the most foes, capture the most eggs, and truly gain the glory of being the world’s best at William’s Joust? William's Joust brings the classic video arcade game to the tabletop in an action-packed, strategy board game. Requiring players to manage the speed and altitude of their knight, William’s Joust features a unique momentum system that has players playing cards that immediately move their knight, but repeat effects for turns to come. Act quick, but think ahead, because in the game of William’s Joust speed can be your greatest ally, or biggest foe.Ages: 12+ | Players: 2 - 4 |  Playtime: 30 - 45 minutes


Outpost Siberia

Welcome to Outpost 1, the first science observatory located in the isolated frozen tundra of Siberia! You and your team have been investigating anomalous activities the region, and recently things have shifted for the worse. The coming storm is said to be the "storm-of-the-century"; it may last a month or more. Strange howls and buzzing fill the long nights, and yesterday a crew-member went AWOL... or worse. The call for evacuation was made, but it came too late. The long winter storm has set in. There's no hope of getting help until it clears. Now your crew's only hope is to use what little resources you have to survive the long winter cold (and whatever's out there in it). Use your rations wisely, and you may see the sun again. Outpost: Siberia is a fully cooperative, survival game that plays with a single deck of cards. Using an inventive dual-facing system, a single card in Outpost can be anything from life-saving supplies to cataclysmic catastrophes. By enduring relentless weather and defeating untamable beasts, players are rewarded with the much-needed tools and food to continually resupply their resources. Outpost: Siberia keeps the tension high, as players will need to collect their wits and ration their supplies in order to make through the perpetual perils that lie ahead! Players: 2 - 6
Ages: 12+
Playtime: 30 mins


Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes puts 1-4 players on a crash course with feral foes, deadly environments, and unbridled psychological horror! In an innovative twist on the cooperative board game genre, each player takes control of one aspect of Colonel George Taylor's psyche, and must work together to survive the Planet of the Apes! Starting with the classic film, Planet of the Apes follows the plot of the original movie and promises players a thrilling adventure in an unknown land! Designed by Richard Launius, the creator of Arkham Horror, perfect for players who love games, or just want a new way to enjoy the films. Planned as the first in a series of games based on the classic series of films. Ages: 14+ | Players: 1 - 4 |  Playtime: 60 - 90 minutes


Purrrlock Holmes Furriarty's Trail

Purrrlock Holmes Furriarty's Trail Furriarty is terrorizing London and it is up to Purrrlock Holmes to stop him before he completes his plans and escapes! However, Purrrlock cannot do it alone and it is up to you, as a newly inducted Inspector at Scotland Pound, to bust members of Furriarty’s gang in order to help Purrrlock get closer to the bewhiskered baddie that’s been bullying all of Baker Street. Get ready Inspector; the case is officially afoot (or a-paw, if you will). Contents: 60 Clue Cards , 5 Player Boards , 5 Card Stands , 1 Reference Card , 18 Paw Print Tokens , 2 Furriarty/Award Tokens & 1 Rule-book. Ages: 10+ | Players: 2 - 5 |  Playtime: 20 - 30 minutes


ROAR King of the Pride

In the wilds of Africa, lion prides rule over all beasts, but only one pride can rule over all the lions!
In Roar: King of the Pride, 3-6 players compete to become the dominant pride of Africa.
Managing your food supply, while expanding your territory and growing your pride size with cubs, will take strategic planning and key wits, Even the best-laid plans, however, can be interrupted by other preides' secret objectives, or worse... the encroachment of a new, and deadly, threat. Ages: 14+ | Players: 3 - 6 |  Playtime: 60 - 90 minutes



The night is still, cloudless and dark. An oasis of interstellar magic lies beyond the stratosphere: countless stars, burning comets, planets, ivory moons, nebulae, and perhaps even a beastly black hole or two. It's all up there for the finding. At the Royal Hinterland Observatory, endless elaborate sky formations are within reach of discovery — but you have to lay claim before your fellow astronomers nab the glory for themselves. StarFall is a clever game of wits, bidding, and quick thinking in which the aim is to obtain the most impressive portfolio of cosmic curiosities. Players: 2 - 4
Playtime: 30 mins
Ages: 13+


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Showdown Bebop And Rocksteady Madne

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Showdown Bebop And Rocksteady Madness!
TMNT Showdown: Bebop & Rocksteady Madness! places the Turtles in their most precarious situation yet! This tile-laying, smash em’ up has players racing to the finish as either the Turtles or two of their deadliest foes: Bebop and Rocksteady. Game designers Adrian Adamescu (Mine All Mines) and Daryl Andrews (Back to The Future: OUTATIME) have created an epic battle for survival that takes 2-6 players through a high-powered adventure in the sewers of NYC. The Turtles will have to use their intimate knowledge of the sewers in a quest to save their friends, while out maneuvering the threat that is hot on their heels. Making a wrong turn could spell doom for the Turtles and their friends, or they may team up in order to overcome Bebop and Rocksteady. Plan, Place, Move, Attack, and Rescue your way to victory in TMNT Showdown: Bebop & Rocksteady Madness! Contents: 42 Sewer Tiles 2 Home Base Tiles 16 Nunchuck Tokens 16 Chainsaw Tokens 16 Grenade Tokens 16 Pizza Tokens 12 Character Cards 10 Plastic Stands 4 Plastic Ally Standees 4 Plastic Turtle Standees 2 Plastic Villain Standees 1 Showdown Track 2 Showdown Track Markers 2 Six-Sided Dice (d6) 1 Game Board 1 Rulebook. Players: 2 - 6
Playtime: 45 mins
Ages: 10+


The Legend of Korra Amon's Invasion

Amon's Invasion is an expansion for The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena. The expansion adds 3 modes to your core game. Mode 1: "And the Winner is..." is a Co-Op scenario where players join forces to fight off Amon's Equalist forces. Mode 2: Avatar Korra (Solo Bender) lets a player be Avatar Korra and play her as a single team or incorporate her into "And the Winner is..." with another player controlling to other benders. Mode 3: Villain: Amon (Solo Bender) lets a player control Amon and his equalist minions.
A copy of The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena is required to enjoy this expansion. Players: 2
Playtime: 30 - 45 mins
Ages: 14+


TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Change is Constant

Battle with your brothers through the streets of New York City to defend your town from the sinister Baxter Stockman and his technological terrors!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures: Change Is Constant is a scenario-driven miniatures role-playing game created in IDW's Adventures Universal Game System.
Play as one of the four ninja turtles or Casey Jones, or take on the role of Baxter and command his robot fleet, including the menacing Mega-Mouser.
This all-new entry into the Adventures Universal Game System features a brand-new campaign and two different modes of play: 1 vs. Many and fully Co-operative!
Each Adventures game is both stand-alone and compatible with other games in the system!
Mix and match characters from each game to create custom scenarios!
Contents: 59 Plastic Miniatures, 23 Custom Dice, 145 Cards, 25 Oversized Cards, 8 Double-sided Map Tiles, 289 Tokens, Round Tracker Bookmark, Rulebook & Scenario Book.

Ages: 14+ | Players: 1 - 5 |  Playtime: 90 minutes


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