Drunk Stoned Stupid

Drinking Games For People Who Never Drink

A collection of 50 drinking games broken into six different categories: active, drinking, improv, team, word and stupid. Some games are old standards (but with a new twist), while others are little known. Games can be played with or without alcohol. Whether it be a pregame, vision quest or full-blown mass cult suicide—there’s a game here to suit every get-together! What's included: 50 different games printed on high-quality, water resistant cards in a flip-top box. Games are perfect for a group looking to have a few drinks or not!
Most games can be played without alcohol. Players: Varies game to game (games to fit all size groups)
Ages: 21+


Drunk Stoned or Stupid : Expansion #1

125 NEW cards with classic rules For 4 or more of your stupid friends The official expansion pack, requires base game to enjoy this content. An incomparable and intense pleasure for the senses
Contents: 125 Cards
A copy of Drunk Stoned Stupid is required to play. Players: 4+
Ages: 17+


Drunk Stoned or Stupid : Extreme Pack

Drunk Stoned : or Stupid Extreme Pack
The second official expansion for the party game DRUNK STONED OR STUPID, featuring 50 NEW really really horrible cards.
WARNING: Will result in loss of friends.
A copy of Drunk Stoned or Stupid is required to play.
Contents: 50 cards Players: 4+
Ages: 17+


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