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Giant Snakes And Ladders

The name says it all! Giant game board (57cm x57cm), large foam dice, 4 giant playing pawns make up this traditional game of snakes and ladders. •Great fun for the all the family •Fun way to teach children to count •2-4 players


Googly Eyes

The hilarious family game of whacky vision. Googly Eyes will get your family giggling! Players wear whacky vision-altering glasses while completing various drawing challenges for their team as they race towards the finish. Sounds easy!! Put on the zany, vision-altering google eye glasses and start to draw while your team tries to guess what you’re drawing. Is that an igloo or a turtle? A birthday cake or a fortress? Players take turns drawing and guessing, so everyone gets a chance to wear the glasses. The glasses come with three sets of coloured lenses that range from mild changes to mind-blowing fun, so no one can see (or draw) straight–your vision will bounce off of the lenses. Googly Eyes is a fun twist on classic drawing games that lets players of different ages and skill levels compete on equal terms, since the goggles make it fun and challenging for everyone. Unlike any other drawing game you don’t need to be an artist, and the rules are simple. Just roll the die and move–the space you land on tells you which color lenses to use (easy, medium, or hard). Then pick a card, set the timer, and start drawing. If your team guesses correctly you get to roll and move again; if not, then you stay where you are on the board. The first team to reach Finish wins. Contents: 1 Board, 4 Pawns, 1 Pair of Wacky Glasses, 3 Sets of Lenses, 1 Die, 1 Timer, 1 Pencil, 54 Challenge Cards with 162 Different Challenges, Instructions. Ages: 7+
Players: 4 - 16


Greed Game

The classic dice game of all or nothing. You will be up all night playing the most addictive game ever created! Throw the dice to make winning combinations but beware, YOU have to learn to stop before raw greed overtakes you because the first time you don’t add to your score you lose. Challenge to keep throwing the dice for a better score, players must learn to stop before raw greed overtakes them!! For two or more players aged 7 or adult this game is sure to provide fun for the whole family. Game tests your skill of strategy vs greed. Ages: 10+ | Players: 2 - 6


Gross Science Eyeball Dissection

Create and dissect a gruesome gooey eyeball! In this totally gruesome kit, clip together eyeball moulds, add the pupil and wiggly optic nerves and fill with the special liquids to create a gooey, squelchy giant eyeball. Now you can use the completely safe scalpel to dissect your creation and watch the gooey contents ooze out. Gross! Contains pupil and optic nerve, iris powder, blue powdered colouring, iris and eyeball moulds, eyeball liquid, eyeball setting powder, safe scalpel, goggles and instructions. Ages: 7+


Lift it!

Get Your Head in the game – Lift it to Build it and WIN! A fun family building game in which players try to build projects depicted on the building cards. Players lift building blocks of different shapes with a crane hook strapped to your forehead or with a really steady hand to form the correct structure within the time limit shown on each building card. Move carefully – stay calm! Limited time makes the best constructor sweat. . Each correctly placed block scores a point and additional points are scored if player manages to build the structure correctly within the time limit. Once players begin to gain points, they also start to have duels against each other in building a structure, or they have to explain the building project to another player who builds it based on the explanation, or they must attach the hook to their head and build the structure that way. Don’t build castles in the air – nerves of steel will earn you victory in this exciting game. Ages: 8+
Players: 1 - 8



The award-winning sketch, pass, guess, laugh-out-loud fun game that has players simultaneously draw what they see. Easy to play and lots of fun! “Each player begins by sketching a TELESTRATIONS word dictated by the roll of a die. The old fashioned sand timer may limit the amount of time they get to execute their sketch, but it certainly doesn’t limit creativity! Time’s up! All players, all at the same time, pass their sketch to the next player, who must guess what’s been drawn. Players then simultaneously pass their guess — which hopefully matches the original word (or does it??) — to the next player who must try to draw the word they see — and so on.” Contents: Over 1,700 words , 8 Dry-Erase Markers , 8 Clean-Up Cloths , 8 Eraseable Sketch Books , 60 Second Sand Timer , Die , Instructions. Ages: 10+ | Players: 4 - 8


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