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Carthage - about 800 years BC.Founded as a humble trading post by the Phoenicians, the city quickly grew into an important trade hub where precious goods from around the ancient world were traded. In Carthago, players represent merchants who attempt to increase their wealth and influence while improving their status within the Merchant's Guild. Become the greatest merchant in Carthage by loading valuable wares, financing expeditions, and exerting influence in clever ways. An extraordinary card-driven game of tactics that demands making the right decisions at the right time! Discover and trade valuable goods to acquire special abilities. Gain influence by trading goods. Use your influence to battle enemies, secure more seats in the Merchant’s Guild, or unlock special achievements. Multi-use cards provide players various ways to improve their status within the Merchant’s Guild. The game’s components are language-independent.
Conents: 137 Cards , 10 Game Boards , 10 Tiles , 51 Wooden Pieces , 1 Scoring Pad , 1 Rulebook. Players: 2 - 4
Ages: 12+
Playtime: 60 - 90 mins



Lignum is a game about the logging industry in the 19th century. As a woodcutter, your task is to prevail against your competitors and collect the most money after two years. Lignum (Latin for "wood") is a game for lovers of complex strategy games. After cutting and transporting your wood, don't think your job is finished. You'll still have to optimize your entire processing chain - and have fun doing it! Each of the eight rounds always begins with the cutting of trees. If your supply lines are set up and the timber has been approved for felling, then the players claim an area using secretly selected cards. Since each of the areas contain differing amounts of food and wood, players must learn to recognize and adapt to their opponent's strategies because if two players are both in the same area, they must share the resources. Players continue to move along their supply route, using the marketplace to trade tools and food as well as recruit workers. The players have to decide how their wood will be transported to their lumberyards (by raft, by foot, or in the winter by sled), if the wood should be dried or be processed immediately, and when the wood should be sold. The player must also think about new acquisitions (such as saws, sleds and pasture land) and fulfill orders to sell the wood. Because in the end, this business is all about money, and whoever can make the most wins.
Components: 1 Double-sided game board , 4 Sawmill boards , 4 Sawmill board extensions , 4 Woodpile tiles , 10 Building tiles , 60 Cards , 234 Wooden pieces , 200 Tokens , 2 Rulebooks. Players: 2 - 4
Playtime: 120 minutes
Ages: 12+


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