Internal unrest brews among the court of the Abyss. The warlike Crabs bring chaos against the wise mages of the Jellyfish while the merchant Shellfish wage trade wars against the insidious Squid politicians. Can you recruit the allies you need to master the lords of the Abyss? Venture to Abyss, where players must battle monsters, recruit allies, and sway the great lords of the deep. The right hand of ally cards will let you control the lords who will help you seize the kingdoms of the Abyss. Be careful of your foes, though, because treachery abounds in the lands under the sea.Warning : Cover image may Vary.
Contents : 71 small Exploration cards, 35 Lord cards, 20 places, 1 game board, 5 shells, 50 Pearls, 10 Key tokens, 20 Monster tokens, 1 Threat token and 1 rulebook. Ages: 14+ | Players: 2 - 4 |  Playtime: 45 minutes


Catch the Moon

All it takes is some skillfully placed ladders, a good sense of balance, and a touch of imagination. The Moon is eager for you to reach her, but shes sensitive: she will shed a tear at the slightest misstep in your climb. With the right mix of risktaking and caution, you will become the most agile of dreamers. Ages: 6+ | Players: 2 - 6 |  Playtime: 20 minutes



Hear ye! Hear ye! The Munificent Theatrical Festival will take place in just six months. The most illustrious actors of the Kingdom will have to present King Leonus XIV with a BREATHTAKING show! You must recruit the right actors to fulfill the expectations of the powerful King’s ever changing mood. The comedians cause waves of laughter, lift the spirits, and f ill hearts with joy. Tragedians give life to human passions, pry cries and tears from the public. But, it’s common knowledge that a satisfied king is a generous king! Contents: 48 Encounter cards, 22 Secret Request cards, 40 Travel cards, 40 Caravels figures, 15 Managers figures, 3D Theatre, 80 Plastic coins. Ages: 10+ | Players: 2 - 5 |  Playtime: 40 minutes


Legendary Inventors

Who would have thought of Gutenberg and Marie Curie cooperating on the invention of the automobile? If Edison, Hippocrates and Fibonacci had worked together on the hourglass, which one of them would have claimed ownership? Would Tesla have become famous if he had invented the zeppelin? From the invention of fire to that of the light bulb, from Aristotle to Einstein, The Inventors invites you to revisit the history of technical progress. Contents: 20 Inventors Tiles , 85 Cardboard Tokens , 36 Invention Cards , 75 Wooden Cubes , 1 Plastic Figurine , 1 Cloth Bag , 1 Rule-book , 1 Biographical Booklet. Ages: 10+ | Players: 2 - 5 |  Playtime: 40 minutes



The peace of the countryside is marred only by the sound of cicadas. Suddenly, a buzzing is heard as the calm of the prairie is disrupted by a line of insects rushing at incredible speed in a madcap race. Minuscule is a racing game with funny bugs that is perfect for the whole family! Goal of the game: You must use your Move cards in order to get the best ranking for your bugs. The player with the best score wins the game. Contents: 34 Move cards , 7 Track cards , 14 Goal cards , 7 Bugs , 8 bases with one black , 3 Ant tokens. Ages: 8+ | Players: 2 - 8 |  Playtime: 15 minutes


Takenoko : Chibis

The Panda family is about to get a little bit bigger with the addition of Miss Panda and nine, count 'em, nine Panda babies.
The Gardener is going to have his work cut out for him. Takenoko Chibis adds new Objective cards, Plot tiles and Pandas.
New landscape features like the Sacred Hills and the Kamis Garden will change the lay of the land in the Royal Gardens.
It's up to the players to complete their goals and make sure the Pandas are one big happy family! Content: 1 Miss Panda Figurine , 9 Panda Babies tokens (3 green, 3 yellow, 3 pink) , 18 Objective cards (6 Plots, 6 Bamboo, 6 Panda) , 17 bamboo sections , 6 Plot tiles & 1 rulebook. Ages: 8+ | Players: 2 - 8 |  Playtime: 30 minutes


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